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Buy Clickadu Accounts

Accounts from Clickadu can be purchased at this location with a credit of $200 included. This is the top selling site for clickadu accounts. Our delivery times are extremely short, and you will receive your account quickly following the purchase. So get clickadu account today.

Information about Buy Clickadu Accounts
  1. Based on USA.
  2. All verifications are done.
  3. Validated with valid Card.
  4. active status account.
  5. Utilizes an active USA IP address.
  6. With Virtual Machine
  7. The account wasn’t previously used, a new account.
  8. 200 Credits Included
  9. Two Days Warranty Replacement
What You’ll Receive
  1. Login credentials
  2. Customer Service

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We are familiar with advertising networks that act as a bridge between web-based sites and advertisers. Clicked is among the most popular. Clicked is the ideal platform to advertise your business via online ads.

What is Clickadu?

In 2014, Clikckadu was launched as an advertising platform. Then, it continued expanding and today has grown to become the fastest-growing. Clickadu allows advertisers to increase their profits through online advertising.

When Clikckadu began it’s the journey for the very first time, they launched pop-under advertisements. However, the situation has changed. Now, they provide the option of monetization using different formats. The monetization process is expanding and is also one of the newest ones.

Clickadu Accounts

advertising formats of Clickadu

These days, the significance of the ad’s coverage is increasing and Clickadu is paying a lot of attention to this. To be able to compete in this division there are different formats available.

Instant Text messages: Instant text connect with users directly, as its sole method of communication is via mobile. Mobile users can view ads through instant text. If you are a mobile device user, you decide whether you are interested in the ads or not, after having a look at the text.

Video Pre-RollA frequent internet user is likely to be familiar with this feature. You can watch these video ads when you live stream or visit websites hosting videos. They will make you look at those advertisements.

Push ads:Push ads is quite like a video advertisement. However, with this format you’ll be able to see tiny messages appearing on your screen when you surf through various websites. Even when you’re not surfing, these messages will appear in your display.

Pop UnderPop-under advertisement format slightly different. In this form advertising, the ads will pop when you close a webpage. In essence, they are paying close attention to the user whenever they leave the site to show their ads.

Skim LinkThe the most costly video format when compared to other ones as it permits you to get high-quality traffic. It can provide you with many advantages, even though it’s quite expensive.

The features of clicked

  • In Clickadu, there’s no requirement for traffic, so both publishers and advertisers are able to use these networks
  • The installation process for clicked is simple. Publishers who aren’t a fan of complicated things can easily utilize this program.
  • Different kinds and withdrawal methods are accessible on Clickadu for both publishers and advertisers like multiple withdrawals and on-demand withdrawals
  • Multi-format monetization provides better return rates

Pay methods, rules and regulations

When it comes to payment, Clickadu isn’t difficult to utilize. Publishers are able to get paid using a variety of different services. They include Paxum, PayPal, Payoneer, Crypto, and so on.

The minimum amount is $10 for clicked. You have to pay twice per week for an advertiser. You can also take money out at any time during the pay period.

In addition, the Premium publishing category is another alternative. Distributors that have a higher performance make use of this category. They are able to pull out at any time they wish.

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